Fogelsode S2 #4: Rebirth of the Step-Up

About a month ago we started giving the step-up a major overhaul, beginning with a shopping spree at the local lumber yard.  It’s been quite the process of getting the lip build, painting it, and getting it over there, but it was all worth it to say the least!  It’s been some great times having some wicked seshes with new tricks and good laughs.  Good ‘ol winter!

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Photo Cred: Davin Pena


Article in Mountain Bike Action

Got an article in Mountain Bike Action, check it out!

Howey’s Cali Vid


Scope dat!

17 Questions!

Check out this interview I did for Vital MTB!


Camp Of Champions Video

My buddy Brendan Howey and I put this video together for the Camp of Champions while he was down in Aptos for a couple weeks.  Stoked how it came together, check it out!



Dig’n and Ride’n

We had a good time the other day in Aptos, fixing up and riding a couple spots and eating some banger sandwiches.  Justin Brantley was there and put this edit together, check it out!

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Fogelsode S2 #3: Zip Lines and Dry Trails

I got the chance to go on a local zip line track through the redwoods a few weeks ago, and it ended up being crazy!  It was a really neat experience traveling through the forest with an entirely different aspect.  Iggy, Clay, Bryce, and I rode the local trails quite a bit that week, enjoying the dry conditions.  It’s been dry for so long that there’s a nice thin layer of silt over the hard-pack so you can get nasty with the drifts.  It can definitely get squirrely though, as we all had our close-calls.  We got to bust out the hardtails later for a fun little evening sesh at Mike’s house, which was a good time mixing it up.  Overall it was just another good week riding bikes with the crew!


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